About Us

Cislink Tech is an end-to-end IT Solution provider company focusing on IT infrastructure, Security, Software & applications. Focusing on enterprise-class solutions that provide accessible and agile answers to today’s business challenges.

Our areas of expertise include but not limited to:

Surveillance Solutions
IP Telephony
Service Level Agreements
Data Center Solutions
Infrastructure Solutions
Storage Solutions
Networking Solutions

Cislink Tech mission is to promote and enhance the quality of each business routine entrusted into its solutions by making its clients the focus of everything it does.


Cislink Tech is built on the foundation of reputation and ethical principles Effective leadership, commitment, and shared vision and dedicated and superior services will be provided by its team.

Vision and Values

At Cislink, our vision is to lead global technology trading, fostering positive change and innovation. Guided by values of integrity, customer-centricity, collaboration, excellence, and sustainability, we strive to create a connected world where technology empowers progress. Our commitment to ethical business practices defines our character, contributing to a positive impact on a global scale.


Our company is committed to upholding the values of honesty, integrity, and transparency in all our business dealings.